Being Afraid to Go Home

Being Afraid to Go Home Child Abuse Emotions matter

(Dylan, 11 – Schoolboy – Richmond, USA)
An abusive father and a mother that does not care is the worst thing a child can live through. I was in such situation for years, not even sure how I managed to keep my sanity. I was afraid to go home!

Afraid to go home

My father was an abusive drunk, and my mother was a recovering heroin addict. They would yell at each other, or ignore each other, but I don’t remember seeing him hit her. However, he did hit me. He yelled at me, called me worthless, belittling me, hitting me, and it happened every day. I thought about running away, I wanted to kill myself, but I didn’t even have the courage to tell anyone about it. It just kept happening, day by day, year by year. As I’d come home from school, I’d thought about what’s going to happen. I knew he was gonna beat me again and none will protect me. I was so afraid to go home.

My teacher noticed something

One day at school, after he hit me harder than usually, my teacher noticed the bruises on my hands. I was a quiet kid, without any social skills whatsoever, and they knew I wouldn’t tell anything even if they asked. My silence in the principal’s office was interrupted as I started crying. I’ve finally confessed everything. 

How it is to be loved

The very same day, people from social service came to my home, saw the horrible living conditions, and the conditions of my parents, which was more than enough evidence to separate me from them after my confession. A foster family accepted me into their home, and I’ve finally felt true love. The worst thing of fear is that it makes you be the person you don’t want to be. It makes you keep quiet and break all connections you’ve had with people you held dear. Don’t be silent, speak up your emotional plight, there are always people who will listen and help you.

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