How Arguing Ends a Relationship

Couple in a relationship having a fight Anger Emotions Matter

(Bhuvan, 27 – Engineer – Chicago, USA)                                                                                                                                                         We were in a relationship for a long time now. It became an everyday practice, we come home from work, and we start arguing about every little thing.

Pointing fingers in a relationship

Why didn’t I put the toilet seat down? Why did I leave the glass on the table? When will I repair the door knob? It’s like she wants to get in a fight with all those questions. Well, I had some of those too. And we’d attack each other, point fingers at whose fault it is. At the end, it became a quarrel with two topics. Of course, I’d hold my side, she’d tell her arguments, we didn’t even listen to each other.

It was for the best

After months of the same daily routine, the time we put an end to this has come. Consequently, we came to our senses, sat down and had a talk. After months, we were adults, two persons that could listen to each other and have a decent conversation. Under those circumstances, we decided to end the relationship, it was for the best. After all, we both knew it had to happen at some point. 

Something else

Holding onto something that isn’t working out is mindless. After all, relationships should be about something else, ours didn’t resemble the one of a loving couple. At last, we could work on ourselves, at least I know I could.
In fact, it was the best decision we ever made as a couple. I couldn’t be happy with someone else unless I learned to be happy and content with myself.

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