I am Agga! I am always upset with something, I yell, swear, curse and clutch my fists when something bothers me. I am here to protect Gree and Faah, I am here to hide my weaknesses. Learn to control me and use me as your ally or let me consume you.

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  • 21 Jun 16
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Can You Feel my Rage?

Let’s see what caused your wrath... Share your story!

  • 13 Jun 16
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How Anger Helped Me Find the Job I Love

It was Friday, a room in a nice vacation resort 2 hours away from my apartment has been booked under my name. My girlfriend and I were planning this trip for weeks. Our luggage was already in the car when I got the call from my boss telling me he needs me at work to cover a shift. I flipped. I felt the anger filling my body and I was about to explode…

  • 10 Jun 16
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I am always upset with something

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