Hello? Who's there? Don't get near me. I am Fahh and I don't want your company. I tremble, despair and hide. But I only do it to stay safe. Are you here to hurt me? Agga will protect me, it always does. Everyone can learn to live with me, or even get rid of me, but some choose to live in my shadow.

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  • 4 Dec 17
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Ten emotional detection technologies that will leave you stunned

Emotional detection technologies use the detection of the face, eye tracking, and some specific facial position cues to showcase a person’s mood.

  • 15 May 17
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Being Afraid to Go Home

Abusive father and a mother that does not care is the worst thing a child can live through. I was in such situation for years, not even sure how I managed to keep my sanity.

  • 16 Dec 16
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Fear and Anxiety

Joseph LeDoux, Anxious