Hello? Who's there? Don't get near me. I am Fahh and I don't want your company. I tremble, despair and hide. But I only do it to stay safe. Are you here to hurt me? Agga will protect me, it always does. Everyone can learn to live with me, or even get rid of me, but some choose to live in my shadow.

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  • 23 Jun 16
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Congratulations! Did You Prepare a Speech?

We’ve exceeded every expectation. With more than two hundred people attending our annual charity event, everything was perfect. This will be the biggest leap forward in my career so far, everyone agrees that I should be the next CEO

  • 22 Jun 16
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Overcoming Fear of Failure

By Endless Motivation, this video states that ninety percent of times, fear of failure is entirely internal. It really is. It’s you second guessing yourself on something that you know you can do. Why do you know you can do it? Because you conceived of the idea. It wouldn’t be possible if you couldn’t think of it.

  • 10 Jun 16
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Are you here to hurt me?

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