Hey there! My name is Loff. Wanna hear something funny? The crowd loves me, they are happy with me. I always bring joy, sometimes even tears. Life is beautiful and I tend to enjoy it. However, I have a dark side which hides behind my smile. When one is laughing, others may be crying.

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  • 21 Nov 16
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A Lesson Learned

Being ridiculed is not a pleasant feeling to experience, yet everyone is bound to experience it at some point in their lives. Surely, I was often times at the receiving end during my elementary school, but instead of stopping with that awful practice, I continued it on my own peers when I grew up.

  • 8 Nov 16
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Who makes you laugh?

Who makes you laugh from the bottom of your heart?

  • 26 Oct 16
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How to Stop Laughing

This video from HowTo Series suggest solutions for the times when laughter is not called for. Because your charm may not be enough to save you, try some other ways to stop the laughter.