Hey there! My name is Loff. Wanna hear something funny? The crowd loves me, they are happy with me. I always bring joy, sometimes even tears. Life is beautiful and I tend to enjoy it. However, I have a dark side which hides behind my smile. When one is laughing, others may be crying.

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  • 23 Oct 16
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Jokes on You

Friends are, in my opinion, a second family. They are very important for the both mental and physical well-being. But not all people are friendly to you. That is why it is important to filter through and seek some deeper connection, rather than just hanging out.

  • 26 Sep 16
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What’s Behind the Mask?

I have a mask. I wear it every day, all the time. Before I drift into another world, into a land of dreams, the mask slowly fades away from my face. And that’s the only time I am truly me.

  • 29 Aug 16
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The Two Sides of Every Coin

High school was as entertaining as ever, I couldn’t wait for the new school day. No, I did not like studying, that is boring, I enjoyed the time because I was able to have all the fun with my friends.