I have many names, but the one I prefer the most is Owwa. Can you feel me? Are you able to see how magical and magnificent this world is? Find the true meaning of YOUR life, see how all those problems you're thinking of do not matter. Stay humble.

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  • 24 Nov 16
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Inspiration from the Park

When I was still studying, one day I was coming back home from my lectures; it was a very humid yet sunny summer day. My mood was not in accordance with my surroundings – I was annoyed with the idea of having to go to sit through lectures on such a day. To make things worse, I had to go to my lectures on a Saturday morning.

  • 20 Nov 16
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Feelings are just Visitors

By mooji

  • 16 Nov 16
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The Present

By Jacon Frey, Markus Kranzler, Pascal Floerks, Anja Wacker, Natalia Freitas, Anna Matacz, Polina Bambi, Biniman, Ewa and Marco Manzo.