A Guardian Angel

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(Melania, 21 – Student – Seattle, USA)

Whether you are a believer or not, an experience one can only explain with the higher force will make you wonder. Is there a guardian angel watching over us?

Without a scratch

I’ve had such experience. I’ve survived a horrific car accident and I feel that I’m alive only thanks to the intervention of someone or something that’s watching over us, a guardian angel that saved my life. When all odds were against me, when the chances of survival were just in domains of theory, I walked away without a scratch. It makes you wonder. I’ve felt so humble and thankful, I was cherishing the life.

Without the light, all seems dark and hopeless

I used to live in the dark. Not because I couldn’t reach it, but because I’ve made a decision to take the light out of my life. Without the light, life can become truly dark, hopeless. The worst thing is that the darkness can consume you, turn everything around you gray and sad. As a matter of fact, I was lucky and blessed. It’s not about the religion. No matter what God you believe in,  some higher being is watching over all of us. 


All of a sudden, the light found me again, and I cannot be more thankful for that. The moment of revelation, the moment when life flashes in front of you, I’ve felt awakened, enlightened, inspired…

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