How to Deal with Failure

How to Deal With Failure Emotions Matter

(Andrew, 27 – Founder – New York, USA)
Two years ago, I’ve started a project I’ve been dreaming about! Everything was prepared and thought-out in advance, there was no room for mistakes. I simply could not deal with failure.

I had to deal with failure 

…but failure can find its path. It was a big project I got in charge with at my company, they believed in me as much as I did, I’ve felt this becoming a huge success. The start was great, the marketing was amazing, and the products we’re already being ordered. It felt like the moment I’ve dreamed of has finally arrived. You know life is weird sometimes. One moment you’re on top of the mountain, and the other, you hit the rock bottom. So it happened, the bubble burst and we faced a total failure, it was like an unexpected movie plot-twist. I’ve felt horrible. If only there was a place I could crawl in and hide…

Team Strength

The failure feels horrible, but, after the dust settles, you realize it’s not the end of the world. Nothing really changed, I’m still alive, well and working a job I love. However, the first couple of days were hard. I’ve been so sad and depressed about what happened. The strength of our team was not only our work abilities. It was our team spirit. They’ve shown how much they cared for me and that none blamed me for what happened.

Being Able to Lead

My team backed me up and I have managed to get up on my feet again. I was able to lead them into new missions, this is not a failure, it’s a lesson, an experience we’ve all learned from. Everything turns out to be fine, after all.

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