Seven easy steps to design an App with Great User experience


Great User Experience is a Challenge. Following the above steps may be very helpful…

  • STEP 1

The first step to designing an App is to understand that the rules of interaction design always apply. It does not matter whether the App is for a big screen or not, it should be driven by a goal, has usability, be affordable, can be learned, and one can acquire feedback over time.

  • STEP 2

Step two, understanding the target audience. This can be achieved by using personas, scenarios and maps tactics.

  • STEP 3

Step three is to map out the content and create user flows.

  • STEP 4

Step four is to boost usability by incorporating familiar mobile prototypes.

  • STEP 5

Step five is to make fat figure designs as fingers are thicker than mouse cursors.

  • STEP 6

Step six is to hold on to discounts and shadows as they help in understanding the App.

  • STEP 7

Finally, the last step is to scratch out the cutter.  In this step, one will find the need to use the 3-click rule as it coerced one to reflect on whether they require all the screens that have been utilized.

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