The Six latest trends in Artificial intelligence


Artificial intelligence is soon being the most dominant feature that every business is utilizing. The six Current trends in AI are Automation, Personalization, Cognitive services, Natural language Processing (NLP), Internet of Things (IoT) and Optimization.     

  • 1- Automation

 Automation enables businesses to be less dependent and more efficient on manual intervention.

  • 2- Personalization

Personalization allows businesses to provide recommendations, applications, and notifications on a personal point of view.

  • 3- Cognitive services

Cognitive services are now more humane and friendly than ever, and they include services such as human chat boxes and speech to texts.

  • 4- NLP

NLP is concerned with modeling of language, documents intelligence and capturing contexts, intents, enabler and sentimental analysis of chatbots.

  • 5- IoT

Internet of Things (IoT) is a type of artificial intelligence that grants machines the ability to communicate with other machines or to human beings. This type of AI is very powerful in that it can do preventive maintenance and analysis that are obtained from IoT devices.

  • 6- Optimization

Optimization ensures business utilize resources, revenues, and costs in the best way possible.

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