A Smile can Brighten your Day

A Smile Can Brighten Your Day Emaww.com Emotions Matter

(Michael, 47 – Unemployed – Chicago, USA)
Another awful week in another awful period of my life. Everything looks so dark and silent. I need a smile. 

I wanted to win

My life has been pretty miserable in the last few weeks. Lousy job was getting worse, my relationships with people were slowly shrinking, I was fading away from life and couldn’t see the light. I needed something warm, a word, a touch, anything to lift me up from the lethargy I’ve fallen into. As I was walking through the street, I saw hundreds of unhappy faces, sad, gray expressions on their faces were almost identical, it was haunting me. I love life, I love the world I live in and it’s killing me that everything is so sad, as if the grief was swallowing the whole society. I wanted to fight, I didn’t want to surrender. Life is a beautiful war, I wanted to win.

Smile brings the hope back

I walked into a store to buy groceries. Even though life seemed poor, I still had to eat, to live.

There was a couple of other people in the line, all of them had the same thing on their faces as I did. A blank line. Not even a slight curve of comfort, pleasure, anything reassuring, anything that brings back the hope. As I was approaching the register, I noticed this elderly woman working as a cashier. She was also sad, but I’ve seen a fighter in her eyes. She did not surrender.

As I was taking my bags, she thanked me and smiled. I felt the light filling the room with brightness. She gave me hope. I thanked her and left.

Reunited with hope

This was all that I needed. It seems as a futile and small thing, and it was, but for me, it was a moment of pure joy. I’ve seen another person smile and enjoyed it. Like a sun that rises every morning and wakes us up, that smile woke me up and reunited me with hope.

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