• 8 May 17
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Porn Addiction?

I never thought it will lead to this, but it did. I’m addicted to pornography and it has ruined my life!

  • 5 Dec 16
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How I Got Through Being Addicted to Video Games

Gamers are a special type of people and you can’t understand them if you aren’t one. It’s a hobby, just like any other, and it’s amazing how relaxing is the experience of wandering in the virtual world of… well, anything you prefer.

  • 7 Nov 16
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Shoe, Shoe

I never accepted being criticized as a material woman. My parents used to tell me that I am too materialistic, only paying attention to trinkets and things, shoes, clothes, purses and bags. Until recently I thought it was a normal thing – to want to have something as beautiful as earrings, clothes and other things which actually make you beautiful.