• 16 Nov 16
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The Present

By Jacon Frey, Markus Kranzler, Pascal Floerks, Anja Wacker, Natalia Freitas, Anna Matacz, Polina Bambi, Biniman, Ewa and Marco Manzo.

  • 14 Nov 16
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Random Encounter For Life

I was characterized as a solitary person, unfit for socializing. That description of my personality is not, in all honesty, far away from truth. I went out with many people of different backgrounds but never seemed to find much interest in them. Perhaps it was my disappointment in friendly connections that made me close to people and not put trust in them.

  • 9 Nov 16
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Black Day to Freedom

This animation originally released in 2005 as a book and film project Black Day To Freedom was created as a fictional back story to the global problem of the displacement of people.