Ten emotional detection technologies that will leave you stunned


Emotional detection technologies use the detection of the face, eye tracking, and some specific facial position cues to showcase a person’s mood. These technologies use a combination of weight which is assigned the seven basic emotions that human beings experience. We will look at 10 of them that do the unbelievable. They include Emotient, Affectiva, Emovu, Nviso, Karios, Project Oxford by Microsoft, Noldus, Sightcorp, SkyBiometry and Face ++.

  • 1- Emotient

Emotient, now acquired by Apple, is a San Diego-based company that uses artificial intelligence to identify how people feel.

  • 2- Affectiva

Affectiva is an emotion measurement technology company that grew out of MIT’s Media Lab which has developed a way for computers to recognize human emotions based on facial cues or physiological responses.

  • 3- Emovu

Emovu by Eyeris is a deep learning-based emotion recognition software that reads facial micro-expressions in real-time.

  • 4- Nvisio

Nviso provides scalable emotion measurement technology based on artificial intelligence and facial expression recognition software compatible with low resolution webcams, photos, and video.

  • 5- Kairos

Karios is a facial recognition company. Their face analysis algorithms recognize & understand how people feel in video, photos & the real-world.

  • 6- Project Oxford

Project Oxford by Microsoft is an online tool that uses world-class machine learning techniques to guess the emotions expressed by faces in images. Users can upload their own image to test the API.

  • 7- Noldus

Noldus with their FaceReader project automatically analyzes 6 basic facial expressions, neutral, contempt, and boredom, interest, and confusion. It also calculates gaze direction, head orientation, and person characteristics and is used worldwide at more than 500 universities, research institutes, and companies.

  • 8- Sightcorp

Sightcorp offers robust and cross-platform Face Analysis Technologies for individual and crowd monitoring applications.

  • 9- SkyBiometry

SkyBiometry is a state of the art Face recognition & Face detection cloud biometrics API allowing developers and marketers to do more with less.

  • 10- Face ++

Face++ offers leading, reliable and inexpensive computer vision technology in APIs and SDKs, including facial recognition, image recognition and OCR. Free and premium options for businesses of all sizes.


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