Understand APP analytics in less than 10 minutes


App analytics can still be understood and organized in the shortest time possible. To do so, one needs basic steps and guides:

  • 1- STEP ONE

At first, you will need to create a list of all the top five metrics that you would want to do in a day. This gives insights of what will enable an app to succeed.  The metrics chosen should represent the mobile goals, be in line with your views and can still showcase important trends.

  • 2- STEP TWO

Then one will need to make a set of custom dashboards and have them on your fingerprints. They are important as they can easily reflect the chosen metrics.


After that, one should save his or her reports and have them emailed. This allows one to monitor any changes that take place over time.

  • 4- STEP FOUR

Then one should view the key user segments while utilizing a tracking application and polish in on the marketing campaign results.


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