Alba: Discovering the Somatic Clarity of Emotions

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Discover the wonderful method of dealing with your emotions – Alba Emoting. Laura Bond answer our and your questions about discoveries she’s made using this method. 


Q1-02:16: Tell us a little bit what Alba Emoting is?

Q2-04:34: What got you involved with this method?

Q3-06:24: Were you able to immediately respond to the techniques that you were shown in the workshop to get connected relatively easy with these emotions?

Q4-07:32: You’ve said earlier about being a teacher and finding a method that you could share with your students. Outside of teaching, for example acting, do you think that someone else would find value in this method and how so?

Q5-09:35: How many steps or sections would a person have to master in order to generate an emotion? What are the things you look at as you help someone discover how to connect with these emotions?

Q6-13:43: When you think of these six emotions, do you find that any tend to be easier or more difficult for people to respond to? 

Q7-15:43: Of those three that you’ve mentioned as negative emotions, which are those that carry the most tension? Where would you say that the tension is focused? 

Q8-18:24: I have a question from one of our listeners. Patsy from North Carolina wants to know if any of the emotions that we feel have any similarities or are they all distinctly different?

Q9-21:24: Tell me, Laura, are there any emotions where you’ve made some discoveries about yourself?

Q10-25:00: If someone would like to know more about Alba emoting, where should they go find it?



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  • Owen Allen

    Owen Allen

    I’m from australia. I took a course with Laura last year. The basic work was fabulous. Then, working in story and being able to adopt an emotional expression at will, created new contexts, and left me in wonder. Looking forward to joining the work again this June. Owen

  • Wanda


    This is awesome. Looking forward to the book coming out’!

  • Rachael Caddell

    Rachael Caddell

    This podcast was very interesting as I was able to learn more about alba emoting! I liked how she explained things and different emotional reactions. She is quite intelligent and informative on this subject! Very well spoken and interesting.

  • Devante Jones

    Devante Jones

    Dealing with different emotions can be very tough. This podcast can really help you channel your emotions and learn how to handle situations differently.

  • Natalie


    I really enjoyed listening to this, because I learned things I wasn’t expecting. This method is very intriguing and I’d love to look more into it! Thank you both for doing this!

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Laura Bond, CL5 Certified Alba Emoting Instructor, is the host of BreathXpress.com.

To contact Laura for workshop information or questions about Alba Emoting you can reach her at Laura @breathxpress.com

Laura Bond is an internationally recognized master teacher in the Alba Method of physical emotion regulation. She teaches Alba in university classes, private lessons, and through regional, national, and international workshops. She studied and co-taught with the method’s founder, Dr. Susana Bloch, in the USA and in Chile where Dr. Bloch resides. Since then Laura has dedicated her career to developing new methods for teaching emotional awareness and the Alba Method to the general public. She also works with performers, public presenters, business professionals, therapists and life coaches to help them recognize how physical emotion regulation and the Alba Method can be used in their practices.

Laura often teaches workshops where Alba lessons are supported by the Feldenkrais method. As a result of this partnering, Laura has developed new ways to teach this technique with greater somatic clarity and sensitivity to the individual. Laura is considered a Universal Alba teacher, creating lessons and workshops designed to match the needs of individuals from varying backgrounds and professional fields.

Laura is a Full Professor at UNC-Asheville, and the Director of the Arts and Ideas Program. She is the author of TEAM for Actors: A Holistic Approach to Embodied Acting.

She is currently working on a second book, titled The Emotional Body, on the Alba Method and its use for emotion regulation for the general public.

In addition to her work in Alba Emoting, she also teaches acting, directing, voice production, storytelling and public speaking. She is a Certified Master Teacher of the Estill Voice Technique, is a professional Equity actress, director, singer, and voice-over artist.

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