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Q1-01:26: Let’s jump right in. Why don’t you give our listeners a little bit of the Emma J history and background along with things that inspired you to become a counselor and a therapist?

Q2-02:47: That’s something I didn’t notice as I was reviewing your background. Talk about your work with the military.

Q3-05:04: I guess they’ve got a lot of discipline. With the military, I would imagine that they would start with their emotions of FEAR and anxiety and stress, is it that what people came to you with mostly?

Q4-06:57: I was looking at some really incredible resources you have at AskEmmaJ website and I found that communication is the core to your guidance. You’re obviously a really good, dynamic communicator. In today’s political world it seems that people are kind of talking past each other, which is really causing a great deal of frustration and ANGER between people in some cases. Now you’ve got this in civilian life, all this frustration in the political environment. Talk us through your approach if you’re talking to people and they have some serious issues about the political environment.

Q5-12:59: So are there any specific questions, any specific mental exercises that you give to people to be a better communicator with others or themselves in business or their social situations? Is there a communication method that you like to step people through?

Q6-17:53: It sounds like you’ve had some great experiences with couples and families. Looking at your experiences counseling couples, we all DESIRE a healthy and fulfilling relationship with our partner or spouse. Why don’t you share some examples of how you took a relationship from a failed to fantastic.

Q7-21:22: Have you helped people understand what their limits are?

Q8-24:44: You produced a video which deals with the concept called “Manifesting” and it all starts with gratitude, appreciation of what we already have. Share with our listeners a quick look at manifesting in the Emma J way.

Q9-27:36: What do you see as you’re looking at Manifesting and you’re talking with some of your patients, what are the top three things that you see that really holds people back in their lives?

Q10-35:36: What were some of the most difficult or challenging cases that you’ve ever worked on?

Q11-38:34: We’ve got a question from one of our listeners who happens to live in the Atlanta area. Her name is Dana, she’s 27, has a great job and she writes: “I’ve had so many bad relationships that I’ve stopped counting. It seems like after a couple of weeks that conversations turn into arguments, I feel like they are not listening to me. How do I fix my approach so that I can finally have a long-term relationship?”

Q12-43:40: This has been a lot of fun. So, what can we look for next from Emma J? Any books, new videos, speaking engagements where people can see you?


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Emma J. Wallace is not your average therapist. She’s a mother, a wife, a friend, and a communication expert. She gets to the heart of the matter and focuses on building your toolbox of skills to improve your communication, relationships, and overall mental health. Emma received her Masters in Professional Counseling, with a background in Psychology from the University of Alabama in Huntsville. Aside from her education, Emma loves to help people figure out their purpose, so they can get clear on what is really holding them back. Emma has a human centered approach, and she understands how important spirituality, transparency, and acceptance is to breaking down the blocks that are stopping you from reaching your full potential.

In the past 7 years, Emma has worked with parents, singles, couples, and teens from all walks of life. She has served the Metro Atlanta mental health community from a caseworker level to private practice. She has the experience, knowledge, and powerful tools to help you shift your mindset by becoming more aware, while handling everyday obstacles with confidence. The question is, are you ready to make a shift in your life? If so, contact Emma J. Wallace today!

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