Breaking the Silence: How A smart Glove helps Give Voice to the Voiceless



Our today’s guest, Hadeel Ayoub, will share more about her invention Bright Sign and she will talk about artificial intelligence, positive technologies and emotions. She will explain her journey and how she won a competition, patented her technology and started her business.

Q1-01:55: Before we talk about your current product, Bright Sign, when did your interest in technology develop? 

Q2-02:55: What earlier products have you worked with that might have inspired you to make Bright Sign?

Q3-03:32: Tell us when the actual idea for creating Bright Sign began?

Q4-05:45: Please explain how Bright Sign actually works.

Q5-06:28: Does it only spell words or can it also communicate phrases?

Q6-07:38: What devices do you use with it?

Q7-09:20: Is it a single or double glove?

Q8-11:11: Are you developing this on your own or with a team?

Q9-12:05: Where did the name Bright Sign come from?

Q10-12:45: Why it important for you to pursue this kind of product?

Q11-13:53: What are the emotional reactions you have witnessed from people who have tested it?

Q12-19:20: What are your reactions when they respond to your product?

Q13-20:05: How do you make the gloves for children?

Q14-21:11: What do you go through in this creative process?

Q15-25:10: What kind of material do you use for the glove?

Q16-27:18: How have people who are not hearing impaired reacted to or feel about the product?

Q17-29:41: Have you had any negative reactions to your product?

Q18-32:49: We have a caller Anne from California, whose son was born deaf.  He is currently 8 years old and struggles in school and tends to be withdrawn.  She wants to know if Bright Sign can help him overcome his communication fears and help him express his feelings better?

Q19-35:09: What makes your glove different from others that may be on the market?

Q20-37:55: Based on what you know, do you believe it will be possible for us to also develop a wearable that could monitor our emotional states or even alter them?

Q21-39:25: When will Bright Sign be available?

Q22-40:05: Where can people find it when it is on the market?

Q23-42:25: Where can we learn more about you?


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Hadeel Ayoub is a PhD Researcher at Goldsmiths, University of London. Hadeel’s research focuses on developing enabling assistive technology to disrupt the healthcare innovation industry.  Her studies engage speech disabled participants and children with non-verbal autism.  Her goal is to design multiple wearable technology tools to help sign language users with their daily communication.  Hadeel’s BrightSign Glove innovation gained global awards in Innovation and Artificial Intelligence. Her slogan is ‘One day I hope to give a voice to those who can’t speak’.

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