Breathe Like the Ice Man – Wim Hof Method

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Brad Buckendorf explains his life’s journey, how did he become instructor of the Wim Hof method, and, exclusively for Emaww and Emotions Matter podcast, Brad gives a live session of one of the breathing exercises. Join us and try it yourself!

Q1-02:13: You’re an advocate for life enrichment and enhancement. What does that mean exactly?

Q2-06:04We’ve mentioned that you’ve been searching for methods from historic philosophies. Could you give us an insight into your discoveries?

Q3-09:34: Tell us about the Wim Hof method. What makes this particular method so vital to you?

Q4-15:17How could Wim Hof method help those dealing with hate, fear, or sadness?

Q5-23:36What’s the trick with the breathing technique? Could you guide me through experiencing it for myself and our listeners?  

Q6-25:00: Breathing method exercise

Q7-41:10: Is there an app and other helpful tools for those practicing the method?

Q8-42:26: Do you ever use Wim Hof method to help someone directly with a certain emotion?

Q9-47:47: One of our listeners, Martha from Colorado, has a questions that might be interesting for you.
She wants to know what’s the best way to solve her problem with irrational fear of driving. She hasn’t ever took the wheel since the accident she had. But now she wants to just sit in a car and use it like everyone else does. Is there a way to at least reduce the amount of fear she has?

Q10-50:50: Where can we read, hear, or see more of you?



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  • Nick Leonard

    Nick Leonard

    I thought this podcast showed a really interesting/unique way of living in order to have a happy life!

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Brad Buckendorf is a certified Wim Hof Method instructor, Brad graduated the Wim Hof Academy January 15th, 2017, and has introduced the WHM to many individuals and groups. An advocate for life enrichment and enhancement through the Method, he finds it to be a beautiful minimum effective dose exercise for happiness, health, and strength.

It has supercharged his confidence, motivation, and goal fulfillment, and he likes to share his experiences. The practice is powerful and profound, and has shifted how he feels about himself and has affected many people close to him.

He is passionate about implementing the principals into easy to understand and practical tools for everyone to use. Brad gives local workshops and hosts training retreats in Portland, Oregon. Find Brad on Instagram @bradbuckendorf or visit his website at relaxandhold.com

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