Can Wearable Tech Make You Happy?



Jacob Skinner is driven by a passion for using technology for personal well-being and social good, he is the founder and CEO of NineDegreeProducts.  In this episode, Jacob will address the current state of wearable technologies and their impact on your life.

Q1-01:19: Give our listeners some perspective on your passion for engineering and how it manifested into a focus on Wearable Technology? 

Q2-02:09: Your recent article on “Crunchwear” notes an interesting perspective on why or why not wearables have been successful. Why in your opinion have big, well funded companies like Jawbone and others failed? 

Q3-03:37: Give our listeners your perspective on what makes a wearable add value to the person who’s wearing it and what design elements make sure that comfort and usability objectives are met. 

Q4-07:19: The scope of wearable technology looks to have gone beyond products like what most people know as the “Fitbit” type of gear or even the Apple Watch. Talk to us about other things like “Connected Products” in general as well as “Smart Fabrics”

Q5-08:49: Your team at BioSelf developed a wearable device called SENSATE. Walk us through the concept, development and ultimately the user experience for a device like this.

Q6-10:36: You’ve noted that a “software ecosystem” is ultimately the glue that holds the user proposition together for the success of wearables. Share your thoughts on where this part of the puzzle really needs to get to and/or what features/functions will the consumer need to see. 

Q7-12:06: How does NineDegreeProducts deal with consumer concerns for Security, Privacy and consent to manage personal data?

Q8-13:40: We’ve seen wearables that attempt to help people get healthier, you’ve shared the SENSATE product which works on making people happier, what have you seen in the wearable space that helps people live safer lives? 

Q9-15:45: We have a question from one of our listeners which seems to go a little deeper than a wearable but here goes. Jason who is a 35 year old bank manger in Melbourne asks “At what point does the wearable technology stop being on the outside of the body?” 

Q10-18:05: So what’s next in development at NineDegreeProducts and how can our listeners follow you and your company’s success. 


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  • Tia Mahaffey

    Tia Mahaffey

    Great intake on people’s well-being with their use of technology

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Jacob Skinner has a PhD in Experimental Physics and has worked in the Sensor Technology Research Centre at the University of Sussex in the UK.

Driven by a passion for using technology for personal well-being and social good, Jacob has founded three technology start-ups since leaving academia.

He is currently CEO of Nine Degree Products, a specialist Wearable Technology and IoT Product Development company based in London and Brighton, UK.

NDP innovate with established companies and ambitious startups to create IoT products that have a positive impact on people’s lives, working on wellness, health, sports, fitness and general IoT product applications.

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