Changing Stressful States through Touchpoints



Dr Amy Serin says you got everything wrong about stress! but she has very good news for you… She will explain you the physiology of stress and emotions and offer you a simple and non invasive solutions: TouchPoints to deal with daily stressful situations and live a better life.

Q1-01:33: What inspired you to become a neuropsychologist? 

Q2-02:07: Is the study different for neuropsychology vs. psychology?

Q3-02:44: Where did the original idea of Touchpoints begin?

Q4-05:15: How does it work?

Q5-11:35: Are they indestructible?

Q6-12:54: Do you have significant research to back up your claims?

Q7-13:28: Who would your product benefit the most?

Q8-13:56: Who has had the most profound emotional effect with Touchpoints?

Q9-17:23: To use Touchpoints, do you have to predict the stress or use when you have the stress?

Q10-18:47: They don’t become a crutch, correct?

Q11-21:05: How do emotions impact our health?

Q12-23:45: Why is it called Touchpoints?

Q13-24:50: Does “touching” affect our emotions?

Q14-28:25: What is the difference between moods and emotions?

Q15-31:45: How important is emotional intelligence in people’s life?

Q16-32:50: How do you shift human consciousness through controlling stress?

Q17-37:35: We have a caller, Ben from South Carolina… he struggles with OCD. He gets unwanted thoughts that prevent him from making friends, or being around groups of people for fear that his thoughts are real and that he actually does what it says he has… even though he knows it isn’t true, he still feels anxious, scared and insecure. Would this device help him control his OCD thoughts?

Q18-44:40: How can we learn more about you and what can we look forward to from you?


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  • Scott


    Great podcast. I have been following Dr. Serin and her work as well as the TouchPoint digital wearable she invented for the past year. Very facinating stuff and great to see non-invasive options coming out for the consumer.

  • Tia Mahaffey

    Tia Mahaffey

    I really enjoyed what she had to say about positive and negative and positive emotions. It is fascinating how some are inflammatory emotions

  • sydney B

    sydney B

    This is really good. I like how she talked about the ways to calm yourself when stressed. I think I may take in some of her advice!

  • Griffin


    this was really helpful. enjoyed it a lot.

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Amy Serin, Ph.D., is a Neuropsychologist, Co-Founder and Chief Science Officer at The TouchPoint Solution, and Director of The Serin Center, a comprehensive assessment and treatment center for a variety of pediatric and adult issues such as autism, ADHD, learning disabilities, and developmental delays. She invented TouchPoints, non-invasive neuroscience tech wearables that can safely reduce stress by 71% in as few as 30 seconds.  To date, this paradigm shifting technology has been used by thousands around the globe to promote sleep, improve performance and focus, reduce anxiety, and manage anger. Dr. Serin was Valedictorian and Advocate of the Year at Arizona State University in 1996 and later obtained her Ph.D. from The Fielding Graduate Institute. She lives in Arizona with her 2 children and goldendoodle, Scout.

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