Emotional Intelligence and Software Developers at Work

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In this episode, Shaun Farrugia talks about the emotional intelligence and how important it is for a team and at work.


Q1-01:15: Let’s start with your long and successful career in application development and team management. Walk our listeners through the metamorphosis of this significant part of your life.

Q2-03:14: What really influenced your life as a whole? What were the driving factors that moved you into your emotional awareness and management style?

Q3-05:10On a completely opposite side of the coin, what got you started doing Improv?

Q4-07:12You manage people in the very complex environment of application and product development. Over your career, what are your observations regarding how people on your teams are motivated? For example, was FEAR a factor in the past vs. DESIRE in today’s world?

Q5-08:47: When you are building a team and setting up frameworks, do you have a formula for using emotion as a driving factor?

Q6-11:18: You use a technical basis of your formula. Is there a point where the technology drives more of a personal and emotional relationship between team members?

Q7-13:07What are your thoughts on Emotional Intelligence and the role it plays in successful management practices?

Q8-16:32Give our listeners some perspective for your experience in coaching teams which consist of multiple generations.

Q9-20:20: Do you find that there are different motivations with the younger generation? What did you find to be the most significant motivator for the millennial generation?

Q10-22:57: Provide some insight as for how you might use your Improv skills to motivate teams, potentially through LAUGHTER.

Q10-26:34: We have a question from a guest which you might be able to provide some insight. It comes from David who is 38 and manages a team of people that are scattered in a bunch of different countries. He asks, “No matter what I do, I don’t seem to be able to easily get my global team to actively collaborate with each other. What can I do to motivate everyone to want to work together?”

 Q10-22:57: How do you work through cultural differences in motivations and managing people?

 Q10-32:09: Let our listeners know what you are looking to accomplish next or if there is something new you are looking to explore.


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Shaun Farrugia has over 20 years experience in Software Development and Technical Team Management. He also takes on the role of “Agile Coach” ensuring an alignment of the product lifecycle through more effective collaboration. He is also a part of the HoneyImrprov troop in New York which adds a dynamic dimension to other areas of his professional life. In this episode, Shaun explains the connection between emotional intelligence and software developers at work.

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