Emotions and Affirming Your Creativity

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Q1-01:29: So Janet, let’s get things started off. Maybe you can tell us about how emotions relate to nutrition, fitness, and health. 

Q2-05:34: Terrific. So, let’s talk about fitness, and how does exercise affect your emotions.

Q3-07:58: Well, that’s really helpful, thanks so much. So, give our listeners a little bit about what you’re working on about now. 

Q4-10:37: Let’s talk a little bit about how you relate emotional health to physical health.

Q5-12:34: So, you have a pretty interesting perspective on a lot of areas, emotions, physicality, nutrition, etc. Give us a little flavor to what careers you’ve had that brings you to all of this fabulous knowledge.  

Q6-15:46: It sounds like you’re in a constant state of learning. What are you learning lately in your research regarding emotions? 

Q7-17:49: You’ve mentioned the Shanti mission. Talk to us about what Shanti mission teaches you about emotions.

Q8-21:48: So you would take emotions like FEAR, HATE, and ANGER, you move through an acceptance period, and then that takes you to emotions like LOVE, JOY, and AWE, things that get you to a different place in your mentality.

Q9-27:43: Incredible. You’ve written a book on creativity. Talk to us a little bit about that book and then we’ll go to some other areas. 

Q10-29:32: So, in your book, 365 affirmations for creativity, I’ve noticed that Jack Canfield wrote the foreword. How did that come about? 

Q11-31:15: Well, we actually have a listener that might be already familiar with your work. Sharen is 32 years old, she’s a creative director at a San Francisco marketing company, her question is: “I have a large staff of people that need to be at the top of their creativity all the time. What emotion shuts down creativity, and how can I guide my staff to a more creative state?” 

Q12-34:46: That is really inspirational. In your book, you’ve got affirmations. Can affirmations really help with emotions as well?

Q13-38:14: Why don’t you give us an example of one of the affirmations in your book, that would be terrific. 

Q14-38:34: Walk us through that affirmation in someone’s life, a person reading that to themselves. It sounds like it evokes the emotion of AWE. Relate the specific emotions that some of your affirmations actually lead us to. 

Q15-40:24: Terrific. You’ve got a lot of brilliant work behind you. Let us find out what is in Janet’s future, tell us about your plans?



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Janet Luongo is an artist and author of 365 Daily Affirmations for Creativity, which aims to develop people’s confidence in their creative abilities. She offers emotional support to people in transition as a coach, educator, speaker, and a pastoral care chaplain at the Unitarian Church in Westport, CT.

She holds a Masters in Education from the City University of New York. She studied Integrative Nutrition at Teacher’s College at Columbia University and worked for the Institute of Integrative Nutrition coaching their students all over the world.

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