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Empowering family members can help them better understand and adapt to the way of life. Through improving their emotional awareness, we make our family members more prepared for everything they need to face, and our guest, Kerry Alison Wekelo is here to help you with that. 

Q1-02:32: You have a lot of interests in your life and you’re involved in a number of activities. Is there any of these activities that you would like to maybe give us a little bit more insight on that you are particularly proud of?

Q2-03:54: How does the cube actually look like? Is it the size of a stress ball? So, the child can just literally hold it in a hand and squeeze it?

Q3-07:25: When you give these or when somebody buys these cubes from you, does it come with an instruction book?

Q4-10:23: Can you give us the names of each one or what their objective might be?

Q5-13:18: You mentioned one of your books which was “If it doesn’t grow – say no”, and then you have another book as well called “Audrey’s journey” or is that a series? Can you explain that one a little bit more for us?

Q6-14:45: Do you think that not being able to love oneself is the route to a lot of adult issues?

Q7-16:18: What kind of advice can you give adults and being able to number one identify that maybe that is at the root of some of our issues that we don’t love ourselves though there is a sense of sometimes being what we loving oneself and being overconfident? 

Q8-18:07: Give me an example of something that somebody might do for themselves and an example that most people might turn to and something that would be for themselves.

Q9-20:33: What do you think makes parents give away so much for their children? What is it? Is it a natural instinct? Is it rooted in just the pure love? What is it that makes us want to do so much for kids? What do you think helps parents understand why we do what we do for our kid so we don’t think of it as an obligation?

Q10-23:12: How do you get in human resources, for example? How do you help someone at their job that doesn’t feel like they’re in the present?

Q11-30:08: In your workplace, what visually would somebody see aside from the cubes on people’s desks? What would they visually see to determine that this is a culturally different atmosphere? Is there anything you know how this involves acceptor? Is there anything that would be visually different if I were to come and take a walk through?

Q12-38:37: How your children are? How did this set up their future? Where their direction to their future go? How does someone who is so rooted in quite the opposite things that you were ten years ago if they don’t have the impetus to pick up a book about yoga or they’re not into it? How do they begin to work through that? Do they go to someone like you to help them and coach them? Is this something that you help people do or do you know some other recommendation where they could kind of start this journey?

Q12-47:17: Question from a listener (Nick, Phoenix): How does a parent deal with the fear of doing something for their children that will not turn out well in terms of education?

Q12-49:44: Tell us what’s happening for you in the future? What can we expect from you in the future?


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  • Tia Mahaffey

    Tia Mahaffey

    I really enjoyed this podcast. I liked what Mrs. Wekelo was saying about channeling emotions. I agree that some people don’t allow themselves to feel any emotion so they don’t know how to express themselves. Some don’t know how to feel happy, angry, sad, love, etc. I also agree that this is the root of some adult issues. Awesome podcast!

    • Kerry


      Thanks such a powerful insightful being the root of adult issues, so true. Thanks for sharing.

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Kerry Alison Wekelo is the founder and visionary of Zendoway and hopes to share with you from all her life experiences. Though Zendoway is her passion, she also supports other organizations, hence her self-proclaimed title – Jill of all Trades.

Kerry serves as the Director of Human Resources and Operations for Actualize Consulting in which she spear headed and runs a successful wellness program.

After years of personal exploration, Kerry has discovered that focusing on overall wellness replenishes energy, creates healthier relationships and provides excellent insight into life. It has become her passion to help share this with others.

Kerry’s trademark program ‘Enhancing Your Day’ teaches some of the nation’s top executives on how breath and movement throughout the day improves relaxation and creates deeper levels of awareness.

In addition to wellness and leadership articles, Kerry has authored “Audrey’s Journey” a children’s book series focused on living with compassion and joy. “Pile of Smile Activity Book” to give away free while the children undergo treatment and If It Does Not Grow Say No (Award Winning Book) to teach kids about having fun with nutrition. Kerry has completed the Spirit Junkie Masterclass Level One Training with Gabrielle Bernstein. She is a 500 RYT with 200 hour under Rolf Gates and 300 hour under Beloved Yoga. She also holds a certification in children’s yoga from Radiant Child Yoga. Kerry received her B.S. in Finance and Marketing with Minor in Psychology from Virginia Tech and earned her MBA in Information Systems from the University of Phoenix.

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