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Steve Ozanich joins the Emotions Matter podcast and leads us through his journey of recovering from a chronic back pain and becomes a TMS method instructor. Find out more about what could be your solution for the pain you’re experiencing and all the emotions that are hidden behind it.

Q1-01:42: Your personal history indicates that you’ve healed from more than 30 years of pain. Give our listeners some insights into your experience and what that process was.

Q2-03:15: You’ve spent a lot of time doing research after you’ve healed. What really was your focus? What was the process of your research? 

Q3-04:19: Could you explain briefly what the total TMS package is and how did you learn the method? 

Q4-09:55: You spoke a lot about Helen and some deeply embedded emotions. Do you have some categories of emotions that actually derive and manifest into specific sorts of physical ailments? Give us some examples. 

Q5-15:29: You’ve mentioned personality a little while ago. You talk about the different personality types. Can you give our listeners a little bit of insight into those personality types, how you describe them, and how they manifest themselves into pain?

Q6-18:24: In your first book, The Great Pain Deception, you’ve been discussing the conflict between modern medicine and what is actually accruing in the body. What are the most astounding findings that you’ve experienced through the last decade of your research? 

Q7-21:49: Walk us through a standard procedure. How do you actually work through these issues with people?

Q8-27:19: Share us some feedback you got from your readers regarding your third book.

Q9-30:26: Our listener, Lindsay (25, London) wants to know if there’s a way to heal her body through her mind. She’s been suffering from great back pain, and no therapy has helped her so far. Give her an idea what her first step should be. 

Q10-34:28: Steve, what’s next for you? Give our listeners some clues where they can read or hear more from you.



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Steve Ozanich is a mind body health consultant, health coach and author, penned the two-time International Book Award honoree The Great Pain Deception and Dr. John Sarno’s Top 10 Healing Discoveries, based on his own experience, the work of John E. Sarno, MD, and ten years of intensive research. His new book Back Pain Permanent Healing: Understanding the Myths, Lies, and Confusion is an Amazon #1 Bestseller and is a 3 year writing effort to pull the larger picture of suffering together and to erase the confusion on healing. Over the past 17 years Ozanich has helped to teach thousands of people how to heal themselves through his lectures, books, articles, and interviews. He is available for consultation at SteveOzanich.com.

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