The Heart Behind the Shield – How Police Officers Prepare for the Unexpected

Police Officer


Rhett Samuel Price began his career with the California Highway Patrol and explains to us the duties and hardships of being a police officer, the training they have to go through, the emotions involved, as well as the ways to deal with the unexpected situations. 

Q1-01:56: Why did you decide to join the California highway patrol? 

Q2-04:09: Can you recall and share with us what kind of training you actually had to undergo, and if you think that may have changed a little bit?

Q3-12:52: During the training process, even without the psychological evaluation, you’re still evaluating the officer’s capability, sensibility, the instincts, and the ability to follow the law out of the class. What was usually the ratio of those that graduated? 

Q4-15:35: How do they prepare you? These are highly emotional situations and they can be unpredictable. How do they prepare you mentally for these situations? 

Q5-25:01: Was there any time during your career when you had to really restrain yourself? How did you fight that? 

Q6-34:52: What are those feelings that tend to encompass your life by doing this kind of profession? What are some ways to decompress for you or other officers? 

Q7-40:39: Do officers go through psychological counselling when they go through difficult situations? 

Q8-44:20: One of our listeners has sent a question. His name is Paul, from Staton Island. “I’m currently wanting to take my exams to be an officer for NYPD and my family is having a hard time supporting my decision. Is there anything you could recommend that I say to them to help ease their fears?” 

Q9-47:45: You went from being a police officer to now an audio book narrator. Do you ever pull any of this into the characterization of the stories that you read?

Q10-50:26: Give us three things that a police officer has to do so we can translate that into what a citizen should do in those situations. What were they again? 



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  • Lauren Lovvorn

    Lauren Lovvorn

    I really connected to this podcast and feel a great respect for the motivation and feelings towards Rhett’s interview. I think the mind-set he holds is a genuine and respectful way of thinking! Glad I could listen! (:

  • Danielle Surette

    Danielle Surette

    I did develop a sense of understanding and compassion for officers. I believe everyone goes through traumatic situations but officers have to know how to deal with stuff like that. Not everybody is cut out for the job. He has a great mindset and I enjoyed hearing some of his personal experiences.

  • Jasmine. Mcarroll

    Jasmine. Mcarroll

    I enjoyed listening to this Podcast because it gave me a insight from an Officers perspective when it comes to protecting and serving the public. Rhett Samuel Price stated that “When it comes to enforcing the law its not what you do, but how you go about doing it”, because its important to learn how to handle the situation with and the exposure and emotional intelligence. From Rhett Samuel Price experiencing a racist tyrant while issuing a traffic violation, He remembered that it’s not what you do to handle the situation, but how you go about handling the outcome.

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Rhett Samuel Price began his career with the California Highway Patrol on December 5, 1988, at the CHP’s Academy in West Sacramento with 128 other fellow cadets. Upon graduation from the Academy, Rhett worked as a motorcycle officer at the Central Los Angeles Area, at the Southern Division regional headquarters, at the CHP’s headquarters office, and West Los Angeles Area office. Rhett promoted to the rank of Sergeant in 2001, and served with the CHP until May of 2011, when he left the department to pursue his current passion, recording audiobooks. A native of South Central Los Angeles, CA, Rhett has lived and worked his entire life in California, but has had the opportunity to travel extensively via his time as a student at USC, his travels as a member of the CHP, and his own vacation travels early in life. His work with the CHP as a public relations officer, exposed him to myriad police involved investigations, shootings, pursuits, and criminal court case loads, politicians, heads of state, and US Presidents, as a liaison between the Department, politicians, the media and the public. This vast background has enable Rhett to transfer his experiences into his passion for telling stories through the world of audiobooks. You can follow Rhett’s passion via his website thevoiceofrhett.com.

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