Hidden Blessings Working with Challenged Adults

working with challenged adults


Phylis Murphy is the community Independence coordinator for Independent Living in Newburgh New York and she’s here with us today to present us the hidden joy of working with challenged adults.

Q1-01:52: What inspired you to work in therapeutic recreation?

Q2-03:58: How similar is working with nursing home patients vs. the adults you work with at the center? 

Q3-08:03: Can you explain what you mean by the term “purposeful activity”

Q4-15:19: What kinds of classes helped prepare you actually working with people with disabilities or challenges? 

Q5-21:53: How can you identify somebody who may be more withdrawn? Did you notice any changes in their daily habits and rituals after your therapy? 

Q6-26:03: Why do you think some people have a difficult time around the elderly? What is it that keeps us from reaching out?

Q7-29:47: In terms of working with the adults vs. the nursing home patients: How do you handle emotional states within that group dynamic? 

Q8-39:01: Is it easier to read their emotional states? Do they wear more emotions on their sleeves than the average person?

Q9-43:10: Jordan from Florida has a question for you. She works with elderly patients at a nursing home and a lot of them are sad and depressed. What are some things that she can do to motivate them and keep them engaged? 

Q10-48:14: Where can people learn more about this subject or more about you? 



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  • Sis


    What a wonderful interview of a beautiful person doing important work. #nolimitations

  • Donna


    Phylis has an abundant, beautiful heart. We are all very fortunate to know and love her.

  • Brandyn Lee

    Brandyn Lee

    This was such an inspiring and uplifting interview. I love how Phylis wants to make more for people who can’t do a lot for themselves by giving them time and interaction.

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Phylis Murphy is the community Independence coordinator for Independent Living in Newburgh New York. In April 2015 Phylis was the recipient of the JMHCA distinguished service award in developmental disabilities services. Phylis specializes in therapeutic recreation, and in addition to her 9 years in her current position, Working with developmentally disabled adults, Phylis started her career as a recreational therapist working with the geriatric population, in various skilled nursing facilities.

Phylis has spent her own personal recreation time performing in local theatre and helping to organize many community events and projects. Phylis prides herself in innate training from her Italian American family and her colorful upbringing in Brooklyn New York. All of these experiences add to her unique personality and perspective rooted in a personal mantra of love, kindness and compassion.

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