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Q1-01:09: In your 30 years of private practice, I noted some significant accomplishments, not the least of which, being voted one of the Best Doctors in America by your peers in 2000.  Give our audience some highlights of your background, achievements, and significant events you might want to share with our audience.

Q2-02:13: Thank you for those insights.  Now let’s jump into a topic you have spoken about on television, at professional lectures, and in your DoctoringYou segments, that being “BALANCE” and the importance between mental and physical.  First, if you would please give us your perspective of healthy balance and how it might affect an individual’s emotions.

Q3-05:15: You treat many patients who have immigrated to the United States and may be experiencing Fear as a part of their transition. Walk us through your experiences when dealing with patients exhibiting Fear or possibly Grief in their daily emotions.

Q4-09:45: When you witness patients who have achieved BALANCE, do you find that they exhibit a greater sense of Awe in their life and relationships?

Q5-14:02: Do you find that there is a difference between older generations and younger generations in what composes balance and in emotional experiences?

Q6-17:08: What do you find most positively affects Love when creating balance in one’s life?

Q7-22:52: We have a question from one of our listeners, Mark, who is 41 from Vancouver and asks “I am currently caring for my mother that lives with me now after my father passed away. What is the best way to deal with the DESPAIR I have every day realizing the focus of my life is now on caring for her and not advancing my career or personal relationships?

Q8-25:19: How do you deal with unsatisfied patients? What about patients that may have unrealistic expectations as to the speed of results from your recommendations or care?
Q9-29:28: Tell us about your DoctoringYou.com series.


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Dr. Michael Siu is passionate about Public Medical Education and speaks regularly about Mental and Physical Harmony. He has a 30-year history of providing excellence in patient care and was voted by his Medical Professional peers as one of the “Best Doctors in America” in 2000.
Additionally, his credits include: Served on the Board of Directors, SF Medical Society, for 6 years. Served on the Board of Directors, Brown & Toland Associate Clinical Professor, UCSF Dept of Family & Community Medicine (currently inactive). Previous Chair of Peer Review, Brown & Toland. Medical Consultant, TV Channel 26 (KTSF) in SF with more than 80 appearances. Committee member, Adult Quality Care, California Pacific Medical Center (CPMC). Previous Committee member, Mortality & Morbidity Committee (PMC). Founder/CEO, DoctoringYou.com (Public Medical Education). Diplomate, American Board of Family Medicine. Member of California Medical Association. Member of Forum in Quality Care

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