How Being in Beta Affects our Lives



Our today’s guest, Bay McLaughlin, is here to help us learn from our trials, tests and iterations to achieve success. His experience with startups and hardware challenges are true inspiration for entrepreneurs. 

Q1-01:43: Tell us a little about your background?

Q2-03:05: Where did you develop your interest in technology?

Q3-04:42: What do you mean when you say “We are all living in beta”?

Q4-08:07: Explain the mission of your company Brinc.io ?

Q5-09:45: Is that what makes your company different from other start ups?

Q6-11:12: How many founders have you supported?

Q7-13:38: Of the companies you have founded, which one has made a big emotional impact on society?

Q8-17:15: Do you think happiness is attainable?

Q9-21:43: What do you do when you feel like your goal is not happening?

Q10-24:00: We have a caller Brady from Indiana, his parents want him to go to college to study business, but he wants to go straight into the field and learn on his own, and become an entrepreneur.  He wants to know if going to college is necessary.

Q11-28:33: Are expressions of emotions universal?

Q12-31:06: How can you use this information in a device that monitors emotions?

Q13-33:24: Are you seeing more women in technology?

Q14-37:47: Do you think the increase of women will also make products more emotionally sensitive?

Q15-38:35: What your plans for the future?

Q16-39:45: Is there a product we should keep an eye out for?

Q17-41:28: How do you find your developers?

Q18-41:55: Where can we learn more about you?


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Bay McLaughlin has supported technology startups for the last decade. Over half of this time was spent at Apple as a founding team member of their global SMB channel and as the founder of their first Entrepreneurship Evangelism channel. To support startups at Apple, Bay partnered with the world’s best founders, venture capitalists, incubators and accelerators to identify and solve their most pressing strategic issues. His division at Apple has grossed more than $350M USD in sales and is still the best team globally in Apple SMB’s division. The other half of his career has been spent inside of or founding startups, two of which failed, one of which exited successfully. Currently, Bay has equity positions in 32 companies across 12 countries, ranging from B2B SaaS platforms to the number one website in surfing and medical and drone technologies that improve lives and our world every day.
Most recently, he has co-founded Brinc.io, a hardware accelerator, education platform, and product development studio, to unlock the world’s data so we can improve our lives. Bay creates content from the heart and only wants to do one thing well… provide value to everyone that interacts with him..

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