How does your role in the family affect your personal and professional life

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Q1-01:43: The first line I’ve read about you is “Living light and living lightly.”  Could you please explain this philosophy of life you have?

Q2-03:16: You have quite an interesting background. You’ve worked for a bank, had your own business, had a private practice as a life-coach and you are now doing humanitarian work. Can we hear a little bit about the path you’ve taken?

Q3-06:31: You currently serve as chair of the Center for Human Emergence in the Netherlands and the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland. Tell us something about that experience.

Q4-07:29: Do you think the humanitarian work you’re doing drives the success you have in professional life, or is it the other way around?

Q5-09:56: Your book “The Eldest Daughter” is talking about how firstborn children really do excel. How did you start noticing the pattern with this and what does it tell us?

Q6-13:36: In your opinion, what role did the emotion of LOVE and how much they’ve received it from their parents had with the amazing results firstborns are showing?

Q7-15:08: What about the expression of the firstborns’ love to their siblings. How does that factor in your life and your life experiences?

Q8-17:10: You’ve coined a phrase “The birth order blind spot.” Give our listeners some perspective on this, and do you see the emotion of DESIRE playing a part in the roles that are taken based on birth order. 

Q9-19:19: What advice, then, can you give to younger siblings? How should they make up for the disadvantage they have?

Q10-23:14:  Do you find there is a difference between males and females in firstborns?

Q11-25:56In today’s society we have a generation called millennials. Do you find that this generation acts differently, is there a difference between that generation and generations that came before them? 

Q12-28:04We have a question from one of our listeners, it’s been sent a few weeks ago and we’ve been waiting for a perfect guest to answer it. The question comes from Jane, she is a 19 years old art student from Paris. Her question is:

“I’ve been living in a shadow of my older sister for my whole life. I feel like whatever I do, it will not be good enough and everyone’s expecting me to follow her path, which I do not want. How do I get rid myself of that pressure?

Q13-31:23Where can we read or hear more from you? Are there any major milestones you plan to achieve soon that you’d like us to know about?


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Lisette Schuitemaker is an entrepreneur, director and the author of three books. She founded, ran and sold a communications company before she became a professional life coach and personal development writer.

Her most recent book, The Eldest Daughter Effect: How Firstborn Women Harness Their Strengths, was the topic of her TEDx Talk.

Lisette is especially experienced in the field of expanding and transforming consciousness. She currently chairs the boards of the Center for Human Emergence in the Netherlands and
the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland. She is also a director of the trading subsidiary of the Findhorn Foundation, New Findhorn Directions, as well as an active investor in disruptive and social enterprises such as Impact Hub Amsterdam and Ubiquity University.

She is a sought-after speaker for educational institutions, organisations and events and has appeared on several radio shows. She received her Master’s degree in Classics from Leiden University in The Netherlands and later obtained a BSc at the Brennan School of Healing Science in the US. Lisette lives in Amsterdam, the Netherlands with her partner Jos Van Merendonk.

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