How Emotions can make You Want to Start a Business

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Q1-01:15: What I’d like to start with today is to hear a little bit about your background, with your entrepreneurial experiences. Can you tell us where it started and what kind of things have you’ve done?

Q2-05:05: Very nice. I know that you’re an avid reader. Could you tell us about the type of books your read and how often you read as well? 

Q3-07:52: That’s great. That’s very, very ambitious, and I think it’s a great advice as well. So, what do you like to do for fun? When you’re not doing your business or you’re not reading, what do you like to do for fun?

Q4-09:40: Awesome. Thanks, that’s great stuff. I’m curious, with the experiences you’ve had firsthand, and all the books that you’ve read, how do you think the emotions affect the experiences of people?

Q5-11:59: Outstanding. There are three emotions I want to dig in a bit deeper. From a high level, they are FEAR, AWE, and DESIRE. So, what can you tell me about FEAR? That is one of the topics I personally have a great interest in. It’s very interesting how much FEAR drives the things we do and we feel. What is your experience with FEAR? How did people react to FEAR from what you’ve seen? 

Q6-15:43: That’s very well said John, thank you. Let’s talk a bit about AWE, the emotion of AWE and how do people interact with that emotion. It’s an interesting thing to think about because when I think of AWE I think about the greater power, but AWE can affect people in different facets of their lives, in different ways, so tell us what you think about that?

Q7-20:16: Talk to us for a moment about DESIRE.  It is one of those emotions I get excited about and I deal with personally quite a bit and I’d love to hear what you have to share with us.

Q8-23:27: That’s very well said. Thank you, John, this has been very impactful and informative for me, and I’m sure the guests of this podcast are thinking the same. Actually, even though it’s the first episode, I have a question from somebody in the listening audience. The question is coming from Jarrod out of Indianapolis, Indiana, he’s 24 years old and trying to start a business. His question is how does he get the FEAR of making that step under control? What would you advise him to get going with a new entrepreneurial journey? 

Q9-27:48: Very nice. Alright, John, tell me quickly about a time where you were faced with the situation in your business, you had FEAR staring you in the face, and your level of DESIRE had to rise to get you out of that situation.

Q10-29:39: So well said, thank you! We certainly appreciate your time today and this has been great. What do you have going on? Do you have any books you’ve been working on?


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John Barrett was born in Indianapolis, Indiana on Valentine’s Day February 14th, 1980. His family moved to Brown County, Indiana where John grew up and graduated from high school. After his graduation, John was accepted into a hands-on internship program at a large church in New Albany, Indiana. This opportunity gave John the experience and training he needed to start his journey into full-time ministry. John began to travel doing guest speaking, worship leading, and leadership conferences around the country. He has served on staff at churches in Indiana, Tennessee, and Oklahoma.

John has lead missions teams throughout central America, taught leadership development for businesses, churches, schools, and government organizations. He is a certified coach, speaker, and trainer with Dr. John C. Maxwell. John has a passion to help people DISCOVER their gifts, DEVELOP their potential and DO great things.

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