Humankind and artificial intelligence – What will the future bring to us?

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Q1-01:26: Andrew, you have Worked in survey software in the USA, Europe, and Australasia. You are a periodic presenter at conferences and writer. Besides that, you have experience in statistics, neuropsychology, psychology, writing and presenting, survey software and software development in general. After all things that I’ve said, the only possible question to start with is – How? How did you manage to be active and successful in some many areas?

Q2-03:29: You’ve recently founded Mass Cognition. Tell us a little bit about that project.

Q3-05:14: You’ve just published a pretty fascinated study on the tweets that were published during the recent US presidential campaign. Some of that data was pretty telling. Tell us about the analysis of that data and the reaction to the results you’ve got?

Q4-10:16: What was the public reaction to this? What comments and input did you get from this? 

Q5-11:36: So do you consider this process sort of an AI process? How do you actually describe what this is and where do you see this heading in, let’s say 10 years?

Q6-14:49: Talk about building the synthetic model. How does that process work?

Q7-16:56: The connection between  AI and emotions is a driver towards something, right? Emaww is a project that tries to connect does two to benefit people. Do you see something in this that actually benefits and individual? 

Q8-20:32: What emotion do you think is impossible to be coded into a machine? What is something that can’t be copied, that is only reserved for humankind?

Q9-22:54: Working with analysis, you’ve seen a lot of ways it can work. Are there some aspects of life we could use to improve our lives?

Q10-24:48: How do you see the forward movement of this? Where do you see AI assisting us as humans going forwards?

Q11-27:58: One of our listeners, Norman from Chicago, wants to know what do you think about automating the industry. How do you see the threat we’re about to face where one can lose a job to a machine or a software?

Q12-30:27: Have you noticed or observed any specific generational differences? You’ve talked about Millennials vs Baby Boomers vs Gen Y or Gen X. Have you noticed any differences?

Q13-32:24: With an outstanding professional bio you have, is there something else you plan to achieve? What’s your next goal or a milestone you plan to reach?


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Andrew Jeavons started his career as a software developer for Quantime, which was a leading cross tabulation and survey software, provider. Andrew has worked in the survey software and market research industry for over 20 years in Europe, the USA, and the Pacific Rim. He is a frequent writer and presenter on all subjects related to surveys, text analysis, and MR.

He founded Mass Cognition and is also the developer of the Loquor ™ text management and analysis system Mass Cognition uses.

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