How Do Judges Apply the Law and Deal with Emotions in Sensitive Cases



Judge Moore, who is currently serving his second term as Probate Judge, is here with us today to explain how do judges deal with emotions in sensitive cases. Staying emotionally detached is not an easy task and requires a strong mindset and control of your own emotions. 

Q1-01:47: What kind of transition did you have to go through from being a lawyer to becoming a judge?   

Q2-02:48: Was there any additional training or law that you had to learn? 

Q3-06:08: What is the preparation for a person in your position for staying emotionally detached or keeping an observant level. How do you prepare yourself? 

Q4-08:37: When it comes to the emotional state of someone in a courtroom, how much of an influence do you think that has on a lawyer or a judge? 

Q5-11:48: Was there ever a case for you where really got caught on making a decision where your emotions got entangled more than you expected? 

Q6-16:53: How does one deal with the results? What kind of mindset do you need to go through this type of career? 

Q7-19:26: Is there guilt involved, do you ever feel guilty or regretful of a decision that you made?

Q8-30:27: The law doesn’t take emotions into consideration? 

Q9-32:03: Our listener, Wendy from Denver has a question. She said that she’s very troubled and doesn’t know whether should she try to make her parent go to a nursing home as they’re not taking good care of themselves and might get hurt. Do you have any advice for her? 

Q10-36:32: Is there any advice you have for us?

Q11-38:56: When you deal with cases including mentally ill, is that a totally different realm? 

Q12-44:19: When will your term expire and when it does do you plan on running again?  


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Travis W. Moore is Judge of Probate, Greenwood County, having previously been a partner in the law firm of Callison, Dorn, Thomason, Knott & Moore, P.A., in Greenwood. Judge Moore was elected in November 2010. He is currently serving his second term as Probate Judge. Judge Moore was appointed by the South Carolina Supreme Court Chief Justice to serve on the Probate Judge’s Advisory Committee and he is also Secretary/Treasurer of the South Carolina Probate Judges Association.

Judge Moore was born in Greenwood, South Carolina, in 1967, and has been a lifelong resident. Upon graduation from Greenwood High School (1986), he graduated from Anderson College (A.A.) in 1988 where he served as Student Body President. He graduated from Furman University (B.A.) in 1990 and the University of South Carolina School of Law (J.D.) in 1994. He was admitted to the SC Bar later that same year.

Upon graduation from Law School in 1994, Judge Moore practiced law with the Watson Law Firm in Greenwood until December of 2000. He joined the Callison, Dorn, Thomason & Knott, P.A. law firm in 2001 and was named partner in 2006. In addition to the South Carolina Bar, he is also admitted to practice in the United States District Court.

Judge Moore has served multiple terms as Deacon at First Baptist Church of Greenwood, with his last term as being Chair of the Deacons. He serves on several committees and teaches Sunday School for the Faith Builders Sunday School Class. He is also a member of the following: Greenwood Lion’s Club (Past-President), Greenwood County Bar Association; South Carolina Bar (member executive council, Young Lawyers Division 2001-2003); Greenwood Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors (1999-2002).

Away from the office, Mr. Moore has many interests, which include tennis, golf, jogging, cooking and music.

Judge Moore is the son of Justice and Mrs. James E. Moore of Greenwood, South Carolina. He is married and has one daughter, Nina.

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