Learning How to Embrace Failure



Our today’s guest, Jonathan Tilley, is here to help us with situations like dealing with failure. His book, Embrace The F Word: Failure, actually perfectly resembles the topic of this episode. 

Q1-01:59: You have an extensive artistic background. Can you share with our listeners how you use your experiences in your work as a personal brand strategist? 

Q2-05:59: In your presentations about Creativity, you define the creative process.  Can you briefly share with our listeners what that process is?

Q3-10:50: When we are in a creative process, what kinds of feelings would you say are a part of the process?

Q4-15:36: Why is it important to experience failure?

Q5-19:38: Is it important for us to embrace failure?

Q6-25:57: Have you known someone who truly failed at pursuing something only to later become a remarkable success?

Q7-30:52: We have a listener from Chicago, Kelsey, who has submitted a question.  She said she has always wanted to be an actress.  She has been trying to pursue a career in acting for the past 3 years, but hasn’t had much luck.  She feels like a failure.  She wants to know if failure is a signal that maybe she needs to quit pursuing her dream and look at something other career path. 

Q8-36:45: What’s the time frame for accepting your failure? 

Q9-39:14: What are you working on now?

Q10-45:08: What is your fear of failure about your book?

Q11-46:53: Will you be offering your book on your website ?

Q12-47:17: Where can we find out more about you?



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  • Jasmine. Mcarroll

    Jasmine. Mcarroll

    I really enjoyed this Podcast because it made me realize that failure is apart of life and as Jonathan Tilley stated, failure needs to be “embraced with laughter, grit, and self-awareness”. Most of the times I subside from laughing because I am the Type A, over thinker who is afraid to fail because failure is not an option, but hearing this Podcast proves failure is typically. Failure is apart of life and instead of erasing failure I need to embrace it and become self-aware so the same mistake won’t have an occurrence again.

  • Michael Yang

    Michael Yang

    I enjoyed his talk about the creative process and how he lists steps in this. His talk about moving past failure and not letting it define us was very motivational. He made a good point about how time frames for success are different for every individual. I especially liked his story about David, a performer he worked with, and how he eventually went from supporting roles to lead roles and being a star in Sweden.

  • Tanner Stone

    Tanner Stone

    Great episode. Loved hearing about the kid from mama mia becoming a success. Very inspiring.

  • Danielle Surette

    Danielle Surette

    Sometimes when we “fail” we just need to find alternatives. Mistakes are just telling you what something is not. We all try to avoid failure but we cant so we have to embrace it. There are alot of emotions that go into the creative process such as joy and excitement to frustration and vulnerability. It is just apart of the process. Afterwards you will feel relieved. Failure is a part of life.

  • Devante Jones

    Devante Jones

    Loved listening to this podcast, I can relate to having to get back up after having my own share of failures.

  • Rachael Caddell

    Rachael Caddell

    LOVE THIS ONE. I thought that this man was very educated and intellectual. I could tell how passionate he is about this topic just by the sound of his voice and how he spoke. Loved it.

  • Mahaley Carson

    Mahaley Carson

    I enjoyed listening to this podcast, it really helped to acknowledge that failing at something new is alright to do. In the past if I did not master something new right away I would get upset but now I truly understand that it’s alright and that I should have patience and eventually I will master it.

  • Tia Mahaffey

    Tia Mahaffey

    I really enjoyed what he was saying about why we should experience and embrace failure.

  • Praise Thorsen

    Praise Thorsen

    I think that everyone fails and if you embrace it you can use that failure to learn from it and succeed. I enjoyed what he was saying, because like everyone else, I have failed many times and tried to embrace it as best as I can.

  • SydneyB


    I liked this podcast , I’d learn that sometimes we do fail and that everybody fails and that that’s ok. It’s hard to accept failure , but knowing that with failure good things can come from it by working hard to do better is great .

  • Natalie


    Failure is one of my fears, and this is actually exactly what I needed to hear. He does such a great job of expressing this topic!

  • Terell Quarles

    Terell Quarles

    I really loved this podcast because it really opened my eyes to the world and I really sympathize with the points made.

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Jonathan Tilley was born in Boston, Massachusetts and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theatre at Ithaca College and a minor in dance at Cornell University. In 1999 he could be seen tap-dancing through Germany in a 6 month touring production of 42nd Street. From there he performed in the German productions of Dance of the Vampires, Cats, another production of 42nd Street, and was Dance Captain for the Stuttgart production of Mamma Mia!.

When he turned 30 he traded in his dancing shoes for a microphone transitioning into the voice over industry. Jonathan has voiced thousands of business narrations, e-learning modules, and commercials for clients like Red Bull, Coca-Cola, Facebook, Google, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Bosch, Philips, WWF, and Unicef.

In 2010 he began coaching fellow creatives on the business side of show business turning his knowledge into online courses like League Of List Builders – the fastest way to structure and strategise your networking outreach so you can book the big gigs with the big wigs and Website Makeover Masterclass – the easiest way to makeover your website into a gorgeous and responsive brand in only 2 weeks without throwing your computer against the wall, not to mention books like this one. His latest book Embrace The F Word: Failure helps creatives whose journeys have been covered with royal rejection learn how to embrace failure with laughter, grit, and self-awareness to guide them and their inner artist to where they were born to be.

7 random things Jonathan loves: fake leather jackets, growing ornamental grasses in his garden, white wine spritzers on hot summer days, building a community of crazy creatives, Laderach chocolate bark, anything Brene Brown has created, and French bulldogs.

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