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Q1-01:11: So tell us a little bit more about your background, what you did before Pivoteam, and what lead up to that?

Q2-02:37: Awesome, I’m glad to hear that. When you’re not working on your business, what type of things you like to do for fun?

Q3-03:13: Very nice! So, with Pivoteam, help us understand a little bit more about a typical client. What’s a typical client like and why do they come to you for help?

Q4-07:01: When you think of a typical client that you would deal with, how does DESIRE, desire for a better company, less turnover from their standpoint, play into your conversation with them?

Q5-09:01: Thank you. When I think of the applicant, I’ve obviously been the applicant, I’ve been a hiring manager, but on both sides of tables, many, many times, one word that comes to mind, one emotion that always fascinated me is FEAR. When you think about the fear from the applicant’s side, what has your platform, or what has your approach done to help alleviate that fear from the potential applicants who starts getting involved with another company?

Q6-11:59: Very, very nice. Let me ask you this, do you guys operate internationally through Skype and technologies or only locally?

Q7-12:49: Let me ask you this, it’s a little bit in a different direction, but, what does an applicant go through and how do they get to the point of depression? So when a millennial like you talked about earlier, gets into a company, and although they make great pay and have solid benefits when they’re not finding that fit, that piece of themselves that fits into the bigger puzzle, how does DEPRESSION play into that?  

Q8-16:08:  Yeah, that’s great. I love what you’ve just said, and the fact that you have personal experience with that makes it so much easier to relate to these people. I’ve got a quick question from one of our listeners. Jake from Ohio has a question about DESIRE. How do you think that desire plays into the level that people reach with their accomplishments? How does that drive people to where they end up, what are your thoughts about that?  

Q9-18:53 I appreciate the response and thank you for that. Now I’m going to ask you to share with us a personal story where you had to deal with FEAR in a professional sense and how you overcame that? What’s your advice for others to do in a similar situation?

Q10-23:56Very nice. Let me ask you this, 2017 just getting started, what’s next for you professionally? What are your plans for Pivoteam this year and maybe you’re working on something else as well?


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Eleanor Choong is the founder of Pivoteam.net. Pivot refers to a distinct change in direction. It also means “a person or thing that is central or important to someone or something else”. For a team, this translates to a set of individuals – often consisting of leaders and talents who depend on each other’s core strengths to achieve common goals.

Pivoteam is a platform that empowers leader and talents to form teams premised on purpose, values and excellence. Leaders could be startup founders, CEOs, department heads, project leaders, sports captains, conductors, volunteers – anyone. Together, these leaders and talents form dynamic teams where each individual belongs, takes ownership, and finds meaning far beyond just a job. They discover why they do what they do among others who feel the same.

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