Talent and motivation: Millennials as leaders

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Q1-02:16: How did a millennial and a baby boomer meet up to write a book?

Q2-05:20: Terry, I’d like to hear a little bit more about this Score group.

Q3-06:54: So the book is called “Millenial Leadership.” Why don’t you guys tell us something about this book, maybe a teaser or a quote to get our listeners interested?

Q4-12:44: Kamywhat was or still is your fear when you started your career? What do you think most millennial struggle with today?

Q5-14:33Terry, if you could compare Kamy’s answer to the times when you were starting, what do you think is the most significant difference at the beginning of a career of a millennial now and a baby boomer back then?

Q6-16:51Can you give us an example of how did you two deal with fear as you were moving through your careers?

Q7-19:33Terry, you wrote articles on leadership and management. Now, I know it’s not simple to sum it all up, but can you give us an overview of your, let’s say, philosophy of leadership. What’s the catch?

Q8-23:38Kamy, you are the founder and CEO of Chaptter. How do you deal with the pressure of having talented and motivated people following your lead?

Q9-26:38: Let’s jump to a quick question that we got from one of our listeners. The question comes from Marc, from Sydney. He’s 38 and CEO of a small startup. His team consists of both millennials and members of Generation X. “What is the best thing to do to make the best out of the age gap that exists often causes problems?

Q10-30:05: We actually have another question from one of our listeners that might be interesting for both of you. This one comes from Dave from UK, London, he’s 31 and working as a graphic designer. He wants to know how did you manage to deal with procrastination and wrote a book while having a full-time job? He’s currently struggling with consistent procrastination and can’t get himself to start it.

Q11-33:15: It’s been almost a year since your book has been published. How satisfied are you with the feedback so far and what are your plans for the future? 


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Kamy Eliassi studied business economics and accounting at UCLA before becoming a certified public accountant. He quickly moved up from staff accountant to become managing director of an international logistics company at an early age. With over 7 years of executive leadership experience, Kamy’s unique leadership style focuses on leading with inspiration and developing each individual based on their unique personality traits. He currently speaks on the topic of Millennial Leadership and provides management and leadership consulting to companies and their leaders.

Up-and-coming millennial business manager Kamy Eliassi and baby boomer leader Terry Thompson team up to write Millennial Leadership, a business guide focused on Gen Y leaders and managers.

Eliassi, a higher-up at an international logistics company, is in charge of leading the entire organization—though he realizes he isn’t managing to his best potential. His search for a mentor leads him to Thompson, a volunteer mentor who was an executive vice president and general manager at a leading fuel management company in Vancouver, Canada. Thompson’s articles on leadership and management fundamentals are combined with Eliassi’s relevant leadership insights for the Modern Millennial to help leaders develop an inspiring organizational culture and achieve life balance.

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