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Jeffrey Beck talks about how technology can help us in mental health preservation. Listen to an engineer talking about emotions in this episode of Emotions Matter podcast. 


Q1-01:30: Give our listeners some background regarding the significant pivot you took in your life which took you from engineering for coal mining to human psychology mining?

Q2-05:35Mechanical engineering is a very binary science with specific inputs and outputs, how have you made the connection to the science of consciousness and human emotion which seems to have very random inputs and outputs?

Q3-10:24What in your research has revealed ways that technology can be used to enhance mental health?

Q4-13:05How do you envision the future of conscious robots and qualia as a natural language.

Q5-14:51: Let’s dive into some other specific topics which our listeners would be interested to hear your perspectives about. Let’s begin with the “Attachment Theory”. Give our listeners some background on this theory and why it has your attention.

Q6-19:46Give our listeners your perspectives on Drives and inhibitors – (affects vs emotions).

Q7-23:16Talk a bit about Topology and consciousness – (changing the subjective experience of being human (male – female – nondual)).

Q8-29:27: Jeff, where should our listeners look for teachings about the breathing technique you’ve talked about?

Q9-30:33One of our listeners has a question related to a topic we spoke of earlier. Mick is a 36-year-old software engineer from Melbourne and wants to know if in any of your study, you have seen evidence that AI has advanced enough for machines to ever feel emotions, at least somewhat similar to us, humans?

Q10-32:48: As we wrap up, what is on the near-term horizon for you with respect to research and or speaking engagements at conferences.



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Jeffrey Beck has a BS in Mining Engineering and an MS in Mechanical Engineering, specializing in System Dynamics and Control.  He worked for ten years as a Research Engineer in the Mining/Coal Research Division of Conoco, Inc., and was a registered Professional Engineer in West Virginia.  Since retiring from that career, he has been farming about 300 acres of alfalfa and corn in Utah, being Mr Mom while his wife was going through Medical School and Residency, setting up and running a private medical practice with his wife, building and running a restaurant, managing an irrigation company, being a Realtor and real estate developer, and being a dad to his sons.  He is currently working on developing several patented ideas that have come up over the past few years related to underwater oil spills and incontinence control for men.  For the last eight years he has been trying to make sense of “nonduality” as well, which has led to a series of conference presentations related to consciousness and the underpinnings of human nature, and the possibility of creating synthetic consciousness in machines.

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