The Power of AI and What You Need to Know



Our today’s guest, Mikko Alasaarela, talks about Artificial Intelligence, Disruptive technologies and Entrepreneurship. His experience as founder and adviser is very enlightening to tech entrepreneurs. 

Q1-02:03: Where did your interest in artificial intelligence begin?

Q2-03:05: Tell us about your start up company INBOT

Q3-08:50: Tell us what does investing in Exponential Technologies to create a healthier future mean?

Q4-12:04: Can you explain what you mean by ‘disruptive technologies”?

Q5-13:51: Why do you think it is important for people to embrace artificial intelligence? 

Q6-16:33: How do you think people feel about Artificial Intelligence?

Q7-20:03: Is morality what distinguishes us from artificial intelligence?

Q8-21:38: Is there an ethical responsibility of the developer?

Q9-23:22: What would people do if AI took away our jobs?

Q10-27:57: Are we going backwards in evolution?

Q11-31:25: Is there anything a human can do that machines can’t do?

Q12-32:45: Can a machine truly feel an emotion vs. just being programmed to do so?

Q13-37:47: How do machines recognize emotions?

Q14-41:37: Can a machine recognize an emotion based on instinct? 

Q15-44:25: We have a caller Jake from Ohio who is currently working on a device that will help regulate a person’s sleep cycle and actually record dreams.  He is in the process of building a prototype and hopes to start trying it out on human subjects.  Can you offer him any advice on the steps of developing his product so it can one day be fully realized and marketed? 

Q16-48:17: Do you agree it will be possible for us to develop a wearable that could monitor our emotional states and change it?

Q17-51:29: What your plans for the future and where can we learn more about you?

Q18-52:47: What is your contact information?


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Mikko Alasaarela is the Founder and CEO of Inbot. His mission is to help AI companies to grow faster globally. Before Inbot, Mikko has founded 6 startups in various areas of technology, and invested in a handful with 4 exits to date.

Mikko was born in Finland, and has lived and built startups in Helsinki, London, San Francisco and currently in Berlin. He speaks in conferences about Artificial Intelligence and Emotionally Intelligent algorithms.

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