The Power of Positivity and Living your Life with Full Consciousness



Our today’s guest, Jake Eagle teaches you how and why you should live and do everything consciously: speak consciously, relate consciously, eat consciously consciously… 

Q1-01:15: Let’s start by giving our listeners some perspective of your previous life as a psychotherapist and how you have done a metamorphosis into your life today.

Q2-04:00: I understand the mentors for your current practice were John and Joyce Weir. What would you say was the basis of what you learned from them?

Q3-07:35: For the benefit of our audience, “Can you tell us about what you call Perception language or Percept?”

Q4-09:30: “Give our listeners some perspective on ways to stimulate higher consciousness, and is Perception Language part of that?”

Q5-14:53: As this audience will be considering specific actions which may evoke the emotion of LOVE, talk to us about Living and Loving Consciously.

Q6-21:50: Diving a little deeper into relationships, you and Hannah have been married since 1993 and have been doing retreats together for 15 of those years. What can you share with our audience about the language you use with each other
and how has it provided for such a successful partnership?

Q7-27:23: One of our listeners has written in for a little guidance if you don’t mind… Sandy is a 42 year old mother of 2 who lives in Seattle and has recently been diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer. She tells us that she hasn’t discussed it with her family yet and is actually having difficulty with her own realization. She asks “How do I mentally prepare myself for what’s next and be able to communicate with my loved ones about this?”

Q8-32:15: You and Hannah appear to keep an active schedule hosting retreats. You also maintain a busy writing schedule with 4 books available on Amazon. What should our listeners be watching for from you in the future and how should they connect with you?



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Jake Eagle, licensed psychotherapist in New Mexico for twenty-five years, award winning author, and international NLP trainer, moved to Hawaii in 2017 to develop an entirely new approach to personal growth and self-improvement. His new approach revolves around the following question, “Are you thrilled to be alive?” He says it’s not for everyone, but for those who are ready, it’s a unique way to experience gratitude every day.

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