Transforming your Destiny with Travis Wolfe



Our today’s guest, Travis Wolfe, is here to help us use our past to empower our future. His experience and achievement in life are true inspiration for those who have been in the worst situations. 

Q1-01:20: Can you share with our audience the personal life struggles that you had to overcome early on in your life? 

Q2-03:42: What was the turning point in your life that made you decide that you did not want to be another statistic of poverty?

Q3-05:40: What kinds of feelings did you struggle with during those dark years and was anger your primary feeling? 

Q4-10:30: What kinds of feelings have you replaced them with? 

Q5-12:38: What does a transformational speaker?

Q6-16:01: Have you known someone who was transformed by what you have shared with them?

Q7-19:53: Are you seeing the fear and sadness in their faces before they transform into hope and joy? 

Q8-21:45: There are actions that must occur for change correct? 

Q9-26:19Are there specific steps a person needs to take in order to be free of their past restraints?

Q10-31:05: We have a listener from Georgia, Darnell who has submitted a question. He said he finds it difficult to leave his past behind him and that his community keeps him from reaching his potential. He is afraid he will be thought of as a fraud. How do you change your life and still feel you are part of the community you are raised in?

Q11-34:55: How can people learn more about you and what are you doing?



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  • Lynwood Pixley Jr

    Lynwood Pixley Jr

    This was by far my favorite podcast. Being able to make it through times a tough as that he gave me motivation to endure all my struggles and remain positive.

  • TiMani White

    TiMani White

    I absolutely loved this podcast. Hearing Travis Wolfe’s story and how he was at his most lowest point in his life, but made it a mission to be more than a stereotype and also helpin others to do the same is incredible. We definitely need more people like him in his world to relate to.

  • Mickayla Crumley

    Mickayla Crumley

    I enjoyed this podcast. His story is so inspirational. I loved his saying “things happen for me not to me.”

  • Jasmine. Mcarroll

    Jasmine. Mcarroll

    I was inspired by this podcast from Travis Wolfe because of his ability to understand the struggle that others might face and speak from his personal trials and tribulations, so he can transform the mindset of his audience. While growing up Travis Wolfe lived in poverty, witness abused, was a statistic in the foster system, and could have been a stereotype in his community, but he found his purpose and thought about his destiny so he could transform his mindset. His occupation is to transform the people, and as a person listening to this podcast I am inspired to change myself, my outcomes and
    the path to my destiny. “Have to take action”

  • Rachael Caddell

    Rachael Caddell

    I LOVED THIS ONE. I was truly able to connect to his story since I am also a victim of sexual assault. This podcast really did help me to be able to see how others have dealt with the same situations and how they changed negatives into positives. I am very glad I had this assignment to listen to these podcasts and that I found this one from Travis. Thank you MSB.

  • Tanner Stone

    Tanner Stone

    Great podcast. It’s quite inspiring that Travis was able to turn his tragedy into success.

  • Andrew Reardon

    Andrew Reardon

    I really enjoyed listening to Travis talk about channeling negative energy and turning it into good. Everyone has certain negative meanings that stick to a certain emotion, but if we can turn that negativity into energy that can help us rather than just hurt us, is when we really make a positive breakthrough.

  • Abby Baldwin

    Abby Baldwin

    I enjoyed Wolfe talking about how to let go of the negative emotions in your life to gain happiness and success. I can use this personally in my life when it comes to relationships with men and family. I learned that if i look at it on a positive outlook that i could think that negative stuff has always happened to me so i could be strong for a happy future.

  • Devante Jones

    Devante Jones

    This podcast was very inspiring! His story is very touching but it gives hope to people that are actually going through what he has been through. Turning negative outcomes into positive outcomes is something that is hard to do but is very possible when you do not give up.

  • Tia Mahaffey

    Tia Mahaffey

    This podcast was very inspiring. It’s amazing that someone can come from all that and to become a transformational speaker. I like the point where Travis Wolfe made about not allowing negative emotions to be real.

  • sydney B

    sydney B

    This was probably my favorite. Just because you go threw a struggle does not mean that you can’t be what you want. I enjoyed hearing his story and how he is today. It was truly motivational to make me want to work hard to be the best that I can be !

  • Griffin


    wow this was extremely powerful really puts things in perspective.

  • Natalie


    I was literally brought to tears. But by the end I was very uplifted.

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Travis Wolfe was born into poverty to two drug addicted parents. At the age of 8, his family placed him in the foster care system where he was physically and sexually abused. A run-a-way at age 15 and homeless by the age of 16, his life was on a downward spiral and if he continued down the path he was on, he was destined for failure.

When Travis got to that proverbial fork in the road in his life, he went straight. And, today, he’s an author, an international transformational speaker and an entrepreneur. His story is a testament that when you become determined not to lose, it becomes impossible not to win!

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