Understanding Intuition and Emotions Using Logic and Dictionary



Eva Marie Caraballo has spent a lifetime as an Intuitive Channel of Universal Knowledge, serving as a conduit for healing information, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. She’s here with us today help us understand intuition and emotions using only logic and a dictionary.

Q1-01:20: Why don’t you give our listeners some perspective as to how and when you’ve discovered your gift? 

Q2-05:20: You consider yourself an intuitive. Why don’t you give us an idea what it means to be an intuitive and what describes it the best? 

Q3-07:55: Do people have different levels of being able to expand their intuitive function, relative to different emotions? 

Q4-18:46: You’ve been talking a lot about emotional healing in your practice. Is there a difference between healing anger or sustained grief, for example? 

Q5-29:05: Walk us through some examples where you might have helped the plant work through the process of improving or creating the new life scape. 

Q6-38:46: Give us some perspective on a difference in your approach between age groups.

Q7-41:03: How do you get an adult back to having the open mind of a child? 

Q8-47:12: I noted that you practice some techniques that are physical in nature. Give our listeners some perspective on the healing touch or other techniques. 

Q9-51:29: Where can our listeners find your teaching, guidances, books, or hear you live? 


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  • Jasmine. Mcarroll

    Jasmine. Mcarroll

    I enjoyed listening to this podcast because she simply expresses to her audience the classification of being intuitive and how being intuitive contributes to becoming in touch with ones emotional channel. She expresses the logic of having emotional intelligence with oneself and learning how to hone the positive of live rather than focusing on the negativity around.

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Eva Marie Caraballo has spent a lifetime as a Channel of Universal Knowledge, using intuition and serving as a conduit for healing information, mentally, spiritually and emotionally.  Reverend Eva Marie Caraballo has multiple degrees in several Healing Arts such as Neurolinguistic Programming, Healing Touch and Reiki.  Her extensive management experience and degree in Business Administration offer clients an additional level of perspective.

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