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Did you ever think of hypnotizing yourself to take away everything that bothered you about yourself with a snap of a finger? Steve Roh is here to give us an insight into the world of hypnosis. 

Q1-02:13: Tell me your story on how you got started in the hypnotherapy field.

Q2-04:45: What other domains did you happen to hop in?

Q3-06:25: Does the idea of complacency trigger worry?

Q4-08:42: What are some tools that one would use to help somebody?

Q5-10:00: It sounds to me that this career path of yours is never something that feels stale, would you agree?

Q6-13:01: How does fear prevent people from improving their circumstances in their lives, from the clients that you’ve seen?

Q7-15:18: In the process of working with somebody, do you see any kind of layering effect where you go from one emotion to another, to another until you get to the desired emotion, and is the desired emotion going to be happiness?

Q8-17:23: What would then be the ultimate feeling that you would want your client to achieve once they’ve gone through transition so let’s say they went from fear, then they went from anger because you’re trying to help them release whatever it is that they’re clinging to? Is it joy? I mean, what is that state that people are trying to achieve?

Q9-21:10: We do have a caller here, so let me pull up their question. This is from Bill and it says that he is 39 years old and he’s from Philadelphia; he wants to know if hypnosis is a permanent fix for undesirable human emotions.

Q10-25:02: Have you ever been hypnotized?

Q11-29:50: Well, do you find that people find comfort then, in other words, can we sometimes hold on to these things as almost a ‘security blanket’?

Q12-32:00: So tell me: What is your future plans with hypnosis? I mean, are we going to get bored and feel stale in this? I mean, are you feeling worried yet that you’re stagnant in this or are you pursuing other things with hypnosis? 


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  • Lauren Lovvorn

    Lauren Lovvorn

    I really enjoyed listening to this podcast! it involves a subject matter in which I am highly intrigued by! His reference to Tony Robbins, another inspirational speaker that I love listening too, made me smile because I love finding people in which have the same similar views and ideas of how to handle and ultimately overcome life situations. Thank you for this great listen!

  • Mickayla Crumley

    Mickayla Crumley

    I enjoyed this podcast. It was very informative, I was skeptical of the subject matter but this podcast has inspired me to learn more about hypnosis.

  • Cassidy Lockman

    Cassidy Lockman

    I love how this busts the myths and false stereotypes surrounding hypnosis. It was refreshing to hear the truth from someone who does it professionally.

  • Natalie


    Honestly I was one of those people who believed the typical idea of what hypnosis is or didn’t even really understand it but by listening to this I was able to grasp and have a better understanding.

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Steve Roh is Chief Hypnosis Officer of Center City Hypnosis in Philadelphia PA. Over the course of over a decade, he has hypnotized thousands of people in their efforts to change frustrating patterns of habits and fears.

He has been called “a ‘go to’ resource for business professionals looking to shed unproductive habits and beliefs and gain a unique competitive mental advantage.” But he also helps many clients with more personal concerns involving unwanted behaviors which influence their health and general mental and emotional fitness.

Before becoming a hypnotist, Steve was in the tech industry, having managed the application development department at a start-up in the first dot-com bust, developing large-scale B2B ecommerce sites, and acting as a consultant doing data analysis and custom database development across a wide range of industries.

Steve finds value in synthesizing disparate experiences from different fields in order to create new possibilities and options. He sees hypnosis as a powerful method of making better use of both rational thinking and emotional, intuitive processes, in order to develop solutions that would otherwise prove elusive.

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