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Q1-01:52Everything I have read about you speaks to a real DESIRE to see other people succeed.  This is a critical trait for people in both the hospitality and recruiting business.  Tell us when you became aware of this passion and how did you go about developing it further.

Q2-04:20: You are a successful Coach, Talent Advisor, and Brand Catalyst.  Who did you look to for coaching a guidance throughout your career?

Q3-07:11: I picked up on something that you mentioned a minute ago. You’ve said, “people are a product.” I’ve never heard anybody say that before and it’s an interesting statement. Could you jump into that just a little bit, what does that mean?

Q4-09:17: In your work with young entrepreneurs, is there a specific methodology or discipline that you have adopted to structure your guidance?

Q5-12:59: It sounds like you work a lot with millennials. How do you find that they deal with the political environment of the corporate world?

Q6-14:48: You recently spent a lot of energy in a less than a positive arrangement with a former partnership. It is clear that your energy, DEDICATION, and passion for helping others and growing a new business has not diminished in the least. What can you tell our listeners about what it takes to keep moving forward and specifically how you do it.

Q7-18:32: Give our listeners some insights about building a personal brand.

Q8-22:41: What do you think is a driving factor for a person that begins to build their personal brand?

Q9-25:06: Young leaders today stay constantly connected and probably need a little help with Social Media Management. What are your insights in this area?

Q10-32:32: We have a question from one of our listeners which I’m sure you will have a great answer for. It comes from Stuart, who is 28 and works as a team leader at a large tech company in the UK. He asks “We are a growing and dynamic company and I regularly get new employees added to my team. My biggest problem is getting them adjusted to our workplace and getting them motivated. What do you recommend?”

Q11-35:37: You have a new eBook about to be published called #HireMe! Tell our listeners about this exciting new publication.


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Nikki Pahliney started her career in Hospitality and achieved an MCERT from Cornel University and her Masters Degree from Middlesex University in London, at the early age of 22. After 7 years, she moved on to begin a successful career in Recruiting. This led to starting a highly successful IT and Finance Recruitment company which became the preferred recruiting partner for numerous blue chip companies in South Africa. Nikki has also seen the painful side of business, enduring a nasty break in the relationship with her previous business partners. She then started again, building another two businesses from scratch and growing a team of previously unemployed and disadvantaged youths. She now focuses on assisting and uplifting young entrepreneurs and South Africans via her company, Minds In Sync at mindsinsync.co.za.

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